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Bedtime Math

My principal has started sharing all the math related articles he finds with me.  On the one hand, it means I’ve got more reading to do.  On the other, I find out about awesome resources like . . . Bedtime Math!


So the idea is this: everyone knows about the importance of reading a bedtime story.  Why not some bedtime math problems?  This nonprofit, working in partnership with the Overdeck Foundation, has developed bedtime math problems associated with a short story.  Each story has 3 levels of problems based on age and skill.

daily math problem


They’ve even got a book for sale that builds on the same ideas you find on the website.


Upload the app for bedtime math on the go!


Perhaps my favorite at is the Crazy 8s Club.  This club is designed to meet after school for about 8 weeks for varying grade levels/ages.  Anyone can lead the club and the materials are free.  What an amazing resource!



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  1. I love your love of math and creativity in teaching it! As a mother of 5 and now babysitter for many grandchildren I would not do this–not because it is’nt cool, but because problem solving at bedtime seems to me to make it harder to fall asleep! Drifting off to a story just slides into restful dreams, but thinking hard– it would keep me awake!

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comment Erin! I know what you mean about winding them up before bedtime. I know I shouldn’t but I just can’t help sharing math stories with my own kiddo before bedtime. I’ve learned quite a bit about her thinking that way.


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