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Common Core Math Resources for Parents & Families

It’s amazing how controversial learning mathematics can be.  It seems like everyone either loves, hates or isn’t interested in the Common Core State Standards.  As someone who spends an excessive amount of time exploring the math standards, I happen to fall on the side of love but am perplexed about how best to educate parents and families about what these standards are all about.  Because of all the politicizing, it’s become difficult to address what is most important – what do these standards say kids should be able to do and how do we help them achieve this?

Regardless of your opinion of the standards, it makes sense to spend some time learning about what they say.  Council of the Great City Schools has created a fabulous resource to help parents and families navigate the terrain of the Common Core math standards.  Fittingly, they’ve named them Parent Roadmaps.

I strongly encourage you to spend a few minutes learning about the math your child is learning in school.  It turns out these standards aren’t nearly as juicy as the news would have you believe!


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